Posted by: dougandem | June 21, 2013

Name and a Blessing

On June 7th Anna received her name and blessing.  The day was filled with family, good food and a variety of tablets and hand held devises.



This is the first time we found out the gender before the baby was born. We should of had plenty of time coming up with a name for our little girl. But that was not the case. We looked and looked at names, wrote down a handful of names. None of them really stood out to us except for Seren. we wanted to use Seren for a middle name but didn’t have a first name to go with it. When Anna was born we had nothing and couldn’t think of anything. Every nurse and doctor asked us what our babies name was and we had no answer. Sunday night when we where dealing with kidney stones Doug suggested Anna. We were both ok with it but weren’t sold yet. It wasn’t until Monday afternoon, right before we were leaving the hospital that we decided on Anna Seren. The more we said it out loud the more we liked it. The Nurse was worried that we wouldn’t have a name before we left, but we signed the paper work as they where wheeling me out the door.

Anna is a Latin form of the Greek name Ἄννα and the Hebrew name Hannah meaning “favor” or “grace”

Seren is a Welsh name meaning “star”




Proud grandparents who drove all the way from Oregon.










Anna playing with Mateo


Aunt Heather and Anna


Aunt Michelle with Anna

We had a great weekend with everyone!

-Doug and Em


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