Posted by: dougandem | November 7, 2012

A win for all

A note to all those whose man did not win last night. (I would venture to say that the vast majority of those who read this blog fall into this category)

Take heart! You did not lose.

The reason most people gave me for why they supported Romney for president was not because of his race, religion, or any other frivolous reason, but predominantly because of his policies and the issues. I commend them for this.

These are the policies I heard from Romney within the last month or two of this tumultuous campaign. He opposed tax cuts for the rich, wanted FEMA fully funded, deplored partisan intransigence, was the true father of the auto bailout, thought Wall Street regulation is fine and dandy, fully supported Obama’s foreign policy and even conceded that he would not fully repeal Obamacare.

In essence your man won last night.

The policies fully embraced by Romney by the end of his campaign are the same policies that the current president of the United States has embraced for the last four years. Instead of Obama 2.0; which, yes would have been new and maybe a little updated, the original Obama won. And if it was true that a vote is based on policies and issues, then there is no reason to feel downbeat. The policies that you may have voted for won.

Over the last four years the political discourse has been ugly. I have kept silent this election, not because my support of the president has waned but because I figured that many who read this blog were a little more invested in this race than the last and figured it was best not to cause ripples.

My hope for the next four years is that the truth will continue to win and that the heated rhetoric will calm and that members of congress will start working for America and not solely to defeat a president.

That is my hope.

President Uchtdorf pleaded for humility in our public discourse and said, “I have watched sports fans vilify and demonize their rivals. They look for any flaw and magnify it. They justify their hatred with broad generalizations and apply them to everyone associated with the other team. When ill fortune afflicts their rival, they rejoice.”

I hope that this swiftly comes to an end and that as a nation we will rally to support our elected leaders.

Congrats again! Your policies won last night.

– Doug



  1. Doug,
    I couldn’t agree more with your comments regarding the similiar views of our 2 choices this election.
    Seems a bit absurd that we spent some 6 bizillion dollars on this campaign and end up right back where we started. Demo’s still rule the Senate..GOP keeps the House..and the same guy is in the Oval Office. I say the money would be better spent giving it to the Cardinals to go buy some free agents this winter!
    I could say more..but will take your tact about not stirring things up. Solutions (hope) will not come from such a system as this. However..if we see in the next 4 years..efforts being made to solve the causes of our crisis rather than merely “softening” their effects…. we can all begin to celebrate.

  2. I agree! And I want to add that change starts with ourselves . . . so many people blame the President for this and that, when we have our agency and the power to do something about our own situations. After all, he is only one man. President Obama didn’t single-handedly raise gas prices and is not making it impossible for you to find a job, like many here in W. Colorado believe. I think we all need to take some more responsibility. By the way, I miss you Doug and Emily! Email me next time you will be in Utah. We are only 3.5 hours from Provo area.

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