Posted by: dougandem | August 25, 2012

70.3 and a 200K

This summer I competed in 2 major races to prepare for Ironman Wisconsin.

Ironman Muncie 70.3

The Muncie race, a half-ironman distance, was held Saturday July 7, 2012 in Muncie, Indiana. To make the most of our trip, our plan was to camp at the reservoir the night before the race as well as the second night. Due to an excessive heat warning, a projected a heat index of 114, the race was shortened to an olympic distance for safety reasons.

Muncie was a disappointment. The town was filthy and run down (the same holds true for the whole state of Indiana, at least the parts we saw). The reservoir was not that inviting (water temperature was a balmy 88 degrees) and the scenery was mediocre at best (abundant roadkill along the bike route).

By far, the worst was the heat. The campground had no shade. We melted inside our tent and Claire had a breakdown or two because she didn’t know how to handle it. Our campsite was about 1 mile from the start of the race and hiking back to the campsite with two kids in tow after the race was close to torture. Needless to say we did not stay another night but drove home as soon as we were packed.

The highlights were the flat fast ride, although I did get a flat tire 3 miles from the finish line and foolishly used my CO2 cartridge to pump it up without changing the tube, thinking that it would last — it did not. That put me about 15 minutes slower than I would have finished. Another was cold sponges and ice given out every half mile by great volunteers.

Overall Time: 2:50:20

Swim: 30:39

T1: 3:16

Bike: 1:31:12*, time would have been shorter without the flat

T2: 1:55

Run: 43:18

I came in 49th out of 173 in my age group. A disappointing finish.

Exiting the water.


Running downhill.


The night before the race. Ben and Claire were so sweaty that they had to take off their clothes. They almost look like they are from Indiana in these pictures.


Swimming at 7 in the morning, while Dad swam, before it got too hot.


Trying to sleep in what shade could be found while Dad raced.

Eating lunch after the race in the miserable heat.


Dairyland Dare 200K

I couldn’t have asked for a better bike event. Set in the bucolic hills of Southwest Wisconsin, the Dairyland Dare was a memorable day of challenging climbs, superior support, and scenic splendor. I rode the 200K route or 120.2 miles with an elevation Gain of 12,369 ft.

The highlights were the scenery, a coke 73 miles in the race, ice cream and a refreshing shower at the end of the race.

Overall Time: 7:45:39

Average Pace: 15.5 mph

I came in 22nd out of 228 total in the 200K and 5th in my age group

The race in Wisconsin was perfect for other reasons as well. We were able to meet up with cousins since Matt and Bec were visiting his mother, Ki, who lives about 1 hour east of Madison. This gave time for Emily, Ben and Claire to catch up with family and gave us many comforts of home. We were treated with great food (marinate grilled chicken, harvest bake with fresh tomatoes and herbs finished off with rhubarb cake) and great company. It was a sweet ending to a sweet day.


Playing with Baxter.


The day after the race, I also was able to ride 40 miles of the Ironman Wisconsin bike course. While I rode, Emily, Ben and Claire explored some of the trails around Madison.

It was a great trip and we look forward to returning to Madison.

– Doug


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