Posted by: dougandem | April 22, 2012

GO! St. Louis Marathon and Family Fitness Weekend

The GO! St Louis Family Fitness weekend takes place every April and features 10 different races for all ages and abilities. This year we each signed up to participate. Benjamin and Claire would do the children’s fun run, Emily the 5k and Doug the Marathon. On Saturday, the day for the 5k and the fun run, the forecast was Scattered thunderstorms and heavy rain. After waiting in the rain for 40 minutes the race director cancelled all of Saturday events. Needless to say we were all a little bummed. Especially Benjamin who really wanted to run his race. We were able to collect our medals and a whole bunch of granola bars then head home to get dry. Later in the afternoon when the sun came out we headed back to the park for a make up race for Benjamin and Claire. They both had a great time.  Up next was Doug’s race. The weather was much better for him, a bit windy but no rain. Doug had a good race and we had a fun time cheering him on.


Race Day Take 2




Love the tongue hanging out.


Cheering on Doug at mile 13.

1 hour and 25 minutes at the half way point.

Headed to the finish!

Final time 3 hours 5 minutes 21 seconds

Happy Running!

-Doug and Em



  1. I honestly don’t know how it is possible to run a marathon in 3:05:21! I am amazed. Great job Doug. Can’t wait to for your Ironman! (By the way, I saw a billboard in UT the other day advertising a new Ironman in St. George if you’re ever interested in competing in your home state.)

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