Posted by: dougandem | November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Sometimes my mom likes to pick a common theme for christmas and give everyone the same thing, even if we are not in need of it. For example, one year we all got fisher price’s little people nativity set (a kids toy, 3 maybe 4 years before we even had kids). One year we all got a “thanksgiving kit” it includes a rolling-pin and pastry sheet, turkey baster, turkey lacing kit, and a few other essentials.  At the time I really had no need for these items, maybe the rolling-pin, I use that the most. Anyway, after 7 years of toting around a turkey baster, I finally got to use my baster to baste a turkey.

Thanks Mom!

Memorable pics from the weekend:

and even a baby elephant (extra points to whoever can name what kids book that line comes from! Hint: just think you can,  just think you can and you will come up with it!)

– Em


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