Posted by: dougandem | November 1, 2010

Rational voices of the week

Voices from the past week:


“The notion that today’s kids need Internet time more than outdoor playtime is itself suspect, but beyond that, can anyone possibly value a day’s worth of online instruction more than the memories of childhood snow days?”

– A comment on an article in the Washington Post about how students in “a rural western Ohio school district will hit their home computers as part of an experiment. With the Ohio Department of Education looking on, the Mississinawa Valley Schools in Darke County will try to replace days off for snow and other inclement weather with online learning.”


I]t’s much easier to see how divided government worsens the deficit and very hard to see how it reduces it. The vehicle for worsening the deficit [extension of the Bush tax cuts] already exists and has Republican support. The vehicle for reducing the deficit doesn’t. And that’s before we talk about health-care reform, where Republicans have supported both repeal and, more specifically, repeal of the bill’s cost controls, either of which would worsen the deficit picture further.

– Ezra Klein confronting the notion that our government will become fiscally conservative after this mid-term election.


An ambulance stops by the roadside to help a man suffering from a heart attack. After desperate measures, the patient survives. Brought into hospital, he then makes a protracted and partial recovery. Then, two years later, far from feeling grateful, he sues the paramedics and doctors. If it were not for their interference, he insists, he would be as good as new. As for the heart attack, it was a minor event. He would have been far better off if he had been left alone …

– The British take on our mid-term elections

4. And finally one quote that I should take to heart

The point, it seemed to me, was that politics isn’t all there is to life, there is something slightly off about those who think it is, and that political ideology has come to define us culturally and personally far too much.

Andrew Sullivan addressing his thoughts about Jon Stewart’s rally in DC this past weekend.

Thanks for reading.

– Doug


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