Posted by: dougandem | August 22, 2010

< 2 weeks to go

We have less than two weeks to go before the cast is removed. The bone is healing well, but to make sure all is solid the doctor felt that a total of 4 weeks would be best.

Benjamin has borne the cast well. He has learned to scoot and hobble along. When normally you would think that the green plaster would hinder his fun, surprisingly, it has not stopped him. He has never let it get in the way of playing.

There has been plenty to keep him occupied.

For his birthday, Benjamin got some cars from grandma. Those cars have been his best friends through the past couple of weeks. First thing in the morning he demands, “play with cars.”

One week ago, his cousins came to visit. While they were here, they drew quite a mural on our windows.

And of course, we had to make a stop at Ted Drewes for some famous frozen custard.

Nothing has stopped him. He is still the same little great guy.

– Doug and Em


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