Posted by: dougandem | August 4, 2010

“take it off”

Yesterday was like any other summer day in Missouri. It was hot. So Emily and Benjamin stayed in during the day. They built a fort and Benjamin thought it was the coolest thing.

So when I got home, we decided to get outside for a little bit. Our neighborhood was holding a concert series next to the playground. There were lots of kids, tasty barbeque and good music.

While Benjamin was walking across the monkey-type bars of the play set, he lost his footing and fell through. To be honest, this isn’t his first fall at this play set, but this one was the most damaging. He cried and was inconsolable on the walk home. When we got home, I made him walk on his foot to see if it was broken and it buckled underneath him.

This is what broke:

Both his tibia and fibula bones.

They placed a cast and while it was wet they moved the bones into place and then allowed the cast to harden. The anesthesia they gave him was laughing gas. He was out quick and awoke quick.

The first thing he said when he came to was, “take it off.”

He had a rough night last night and we expect it might take a while for him to get used to his cool new cast. But they say it will only be 3 weeks.

He looks pretty cool, and now he gets to watch a lot of Thomas the train. In 3 weeks, we will hit the pools before the summer is out.

We will take it off soon enough little guy!

– Doug and Em



  1. Poor little guy. I’m in my 30s and have never managed to break anything. Feel bad for the kid. He is fearless though.

  2. Ouch!! It’s amazing that it will be healed in only three weeks. One of the dancers on the team broke her tibia and it took about 3 months to heal. Aunt Denise

  3. Oh man! I am sad for all of you. Hopefully the 3 weeks will pass in a flash.

  4. That is one big, cool green cast! Give the little guy some love from all us Jennejohn’s and we’ll see you soon! Sorry our trip was delayed.

  5. Oh so sad to hear that. But glad he has his little sister to bring him some comfort. I hope is going well for you guys in your new home. We think of you often 🙂

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