Posted by: dougandem | June 4, 2010

A 32nd reflection

Three days before the due date.

My work is the type that is flexible. Ultimately, I decide when experiments get going or when to stall. For that reason, I have more time this week than usual. I have purposely re-scheduled experiments so that nothing major falls within a two-week window. I imagine it would be difficult to divide time between a cage of mice and a wife who is delivering our child.

It potentially could be done, but not effectively. Either one or the other would get some slack.

So to avoid any impending distractions or missteps, I have scheduled appropriately.

Speaking of time, another birthday has come and gone. Birthdays, which I personally prefer remain low-key events, are good for many things, but one in particular is a time to reflect.

This week, several minor things have reminded me of why this time in my life is great:

– A 7-minute commute to work by bike

– Watching the finishing touches of a Maya Lin (Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial) designed fountain being built outside my window at work.

– Regular talks about my family and how to succeed in science with my boss (relatively novel for me)

– Actually looking forward to going to work every morning and studying the CNS.

– Chicken salad and watermelon at the park listening to a Baptist Faith women’s quartet. Amen, sister!

– Pretzel M&Ms (why didn’t I think of this first?)

– A cold can of Coke bottled in Atlanta

– Swimming in a lake and then cycling with people who work at Wells Fargo

– Chocolate drop cake with a fudge frosting

– A tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil, from our herb garden, and balsamic vinegar salad.

– And awesome text messages like this:

I love my 30’s.

– Doug


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