Posted by: dougandem | June 3, 2010

The phone call

Comparatively speaking, both Emily and I hardly use our phones.

When we do, it is usually after Benjamin has gone to bed. Yet, It was one of the first things he learned to mimic; picking up the phone and chatting.

To whom? We are still trying to figure that out.

The other day, he was caught red-handed by Emily.

Realizing that he had a captive audience he moved into position blithely repeating, “cheese” and then continued his conversation.

Translation: Did you do it? What?…Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

Translation: Excuse me for one second, my mother just pulled out the camera so I have to go pose for her. Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Watch. I am going to be big one day, I tell you, just like the little train that could! Cheese! Cheese! Like the mouse and the cookie…

Reach high little buddy, but don’t plan on getting your own phone for at least a decade!

– Doug


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