Posted by: dougandem | May 10, 2010

How we celebrated mothers

Honestly, it was a typical Sunday.

In the morning, we went to church, sang some songs, learned some lessons and chatted with the other St. Louisens. Benjamin fell asleep in the car on the drive home. At home, we snacked on lunch leftovers while shooting the breeze and soaking up the sun on the porch and then went down for the coveted Sunday afternoon nap. (We were able to restore those naps after 18 months of sacrifice. We finally got a great routine together for Benjamin, only to the bitter reality that they will be taken away again in just one month.)

After shaking off the sleep coma, we went to the park to investigate new areas.

If you look closely, you can see the baby bump. Yes sir, that is 36 weeks and counting.

And then, just to set this day apart from the usual, Benjamin and I made a carrot cake for Emily.

Is there any other better way to show how much someone means to you then to put a little bit of yourself into something sweet to eat.

Benjamin was thoroughly pleased with himself and thought that the greatest thing, by far, was to eat the cake with his mom.

And if all the little guys are pleased, then so are the moms.

It was a typical Sunday, but one devoted to Mom!

– Doug and Ben


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