Posted by: dougandem | May 3, 2010

Why Benjamin loves St. Louis

1. Walks

It’s the first thing he asks for after breakfast, waking from a nap, when I walk in the door from work and dinner. He longs to be outdoors. The weather is great here (perfect actually) and he loves it.

Even after a couple of spills, he stands back up and continues on his way. So far nothing stops him.

2. Parks

We live very close to Forest Parks. It is one happenin’ place with lots to do and much to see and plenty of water to play in. It is enough to keep one little guy fully entertained!

Many people run in the park and often without a shirt. Benjamin had to join the crowd.

3. Porch

Benjamin loves to point out when a “-cool bus” or a “city bus” passes and thinks it is pretty hip to say hi to all the people who stroll by, especially those walking a dog. His lazy afternoons relaxing on the porch are the envy of the block.

4. Friends

Benjamin has quickly made some good friends here, though he is a little more protective of his toys lately.

Stewart visited from Albany (our first visitor).  Oscar, who lives just down the street, also came to visit. We enjoyed some fantastic rhubarb pie made with fresh rhubarb from the farmer’s market.

He especially likes it when we stay up late visiting friends to go to Ted Drewes or Crown Candy Kitchen for ice cream.

5. Bed

Benjamin loves his big boy bed. When we moved, we switched him to a twin-size bed. Why we didn’t do it earlier is a good question. He cherishes his freedom to get up when he wants and we love our new-found freedom as well.

Overall, St. Louis has been good for the little guy and therefore good for us as well.

Keep on little guy and enjoy it while it lasts!

– Doug



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