Posted by: dougandem | April 16, 2010

Our trip to St. Louie, part 2

From Albany to Mansfield, OH

We stopped in Erie, PA to visit Presque Isle State Park, a peninsula that arches into Lake Erie. I imagine that it is a beautiful and welcoming respite in the heat of the summer. Although cold and windy, it was a welcoming respite from a stuffy car ride. Benjamin was actually not too happy to leave because really, who wants to ride in a car seat for hours at a time?

On our trip to Albany, 5 years ago, we didn’t stop in Kirtland, OH. Back then, we figured we would stop when we left. Though we did make the stop, unfortunately, the Community of Christ closes their visitor center early during non-peak seasons. But, we were able to walk around and see the temple, just not the inside.

Interestingly, the visitors center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was open and had eager elderly couples to show us anything we desired. We didn’t take them up on their offer because we hadn’t had dinner yet and we knew that Benjamin would rather run around then be formally walked through buildings hearing memorized stories and testimonies. Kirtland seems like a great place, the manufactured lawns, the faux creek, and the paved roads really make you feel like you are transported back to days of the early church. We actually do hope that we are able to make it back one day and listen to all the stories and history of Kirtland.

It wasn’t until late when we arrived at our hotel and got some dinner. Benjamin actually got tired of waiting and helped himself to some applesauce.

He is such an independent and awesome guy!

– Doug


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