Posted by: dougandem | April 13, 2010

Our trip to St. Louie, part 1

Leaving Albany.

Albany became our home and it wasn’t easy to say goodbye. We have many fond memories and many close friends. We began our Albany years by sleeping on wood floors of a slanted apartment and ended it by eating Thai food while sitting on the wood floors of the same slanted apartment.

Albany by the numbers:

4, Intended Albany years

5.6, Actual Albany years

3, Albany Christmases

5.5, Labor Day Weekends

5, Feet of space our stuff occupied on semi-trailer from Utah to Albany

8, Feet of space we fit our stuff into leaving Albany

357, trips to CVS for candy and other misc. items

1, dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts

$124.00, Cost for a free breakfast at the Saratoga Springs race track

145, bike trips

20, Family members who visited us in Albany

$64.50, Price of a Gremella’s colossal pizza

2, high peaks in the Adirondacks climbed

and 1, Benjamin

Equals an unforgettable home!

Here are some picks from moving day:

After packing we took one last trip up to Thatcher State Park, which might be closed due to budget cuts, for our last full day in Albany.

More pictures to come!

– Doug and Em



  1. Aaawww! I feel special to have slept on those slanted floors.

    It is hard to leave places, isn’t it? It is a fun adventure to go to new places, though, and meet even more friends. St. Louis is lucky to have you guys! And #2 whenever he/she comes!!!

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