Posted by: dougandem | March 21, 2010

Our favorite little guy

He’s quite a character.

Sometimes he bites, kicks his legs, rips pages, or colors on walls. He doesn’t like brushing his teeth, doesn’t eat broccoli, prefers to wake up early and pooping has never been his favorite thing to do.

He like trucks, planes and buses. He once stood at the window for over an hour watching trucks.

He enjoys to read books and will read them himself. His preference are books about dinosaurs or trucks or both. He likes to go on walks and to run up and down ramps. He prefers to swing in grown-up swings rather than the enclosed baby swings.

He is shy. In large groups, he is more comfortable watching other kids play and just smiling before he actually warms up to play with them.

He knows his colors, but sometimes confuses green and blue.

He loves M&Ms.

He likes to hug, will go to bed easy, whines when he is hungry, splashes in the tub, loves Cheerios and is happy when his mom or dad comes home.

He loves being a kid and he is a great kid!

– Doug and Em


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