Posted by: dougandem | January 21, 2010

Amber’s big day

Our trip to Portland for Amber’s wedding was a great trip!

The day was beautiful, the food fantastic, the company great and the day memorable.

Amber and Richie coming from the temple after the ceremony.

It was great to see Amber again, if only for a short time, and even though we miss her, we wish her the best and look forward to the new Bristow family.

Out of all the families attending the wedding, I must admit, the one below is one classy family!

Emily stitched together a teal bow tie for Benjamin and immediately he knew that he was one good-looking kid.

The Stahr girls.

Another classy family.

The sister dance!

Here is a picture of Benjamin earlier in the day GQing it.

Thanks for the memories!

– Doug and Em



  1. What a party! You look great and Benjamin is hilarious. I am loving the facial expressions. We need to catch up, I hope you’re feeling well…

  2. Cute pictures. Sounds like a fun event!

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