Posted by: dougandem | December 26, 2009

A very Merry Christmas!

This year we had a new Christmas.

Our usual routine is wake up around 7, sit on the couch for a couple of minutes for post wake-up and then jump down and run into the kitchen for breakfast.

Christmas morning was different.

Instead of our usual couch post wake-up, Benjamin almost immediately saw his Little People Bus and Plane sitting by the tree. He shouted, “Oooh,” and jumped down to play with them. The plane and bus, high and low, stop and go, were at his side the rest of the day. Breakfast came second.

We couldn’t have asked for a better gift opener. He unwrapped each gift by himself and was excited about each and every gift.

We also gave Benjamin his first pair of cross-country skis. We will keep you updated as to how our first ski trip goes.

All day, Benjamin played with his plane, bus, magna doodle and blocks. He was not too thrilled when we took the toys away for bed time.

Late in the afternoon, we went to Washington Park to walk through and see the Christmas lights. We got a little side-tracked and played on the frozen pond. Benjamin loved it.

We had a very merry Christmas and hope that you did as well!

– Doug, Em and Ben

Here are some additional videos of Benjamin dancing to Christmas music:


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